D&D Animal Sanctuary Donations

$ 10.00

D&D Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that survives fully on donations. Dedicated to taking in displaced animals, from across the United States, that have medical, emotional, and neglect issues. Never breeding, D&D are passionate about rehabilitation and putting their animals back into the wild. Not all animals are fit to be released. Our goal is to help D&D Animal Sanctuary become a permanent institution and educational facility where the public can learn more about conservation and wildlife.

*Non-Profit Organization and 501 c-3 Tax Certified


• 8 Foot Sanctuary Perimeter Fence  -  $78,000
• Meat & Supply Truck  -  $50,000
• Tractor  -  $60,000
• Azlan Back Enclosure Raised  -  $20,000
• Storage Building  -  $30,000
• Larger Fox Area  -  $7,000
• Swimming Water Area for Tigers  -  $20,000
• Large Meat Freezer  -  $10,000